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Surprise Learnings from the Women in Digital National Conference

Last month, I had the opportunity to attend the third annual Women in Digital National Conference in Columbus, Ohio. I joined hundreds of women (and a handful of men) from around the country to learn about industry specific topics like User Experience (UX) Design and Programmatic Media, along with broader concepts like leadership and salary negotiation.

I showed up in Columbus late on a Wednesday night, well after sunset, exhausted but excited for what I would learn over the next few days. I expected some good stuff – you know, high-level learnings, interesting stories, maybe some decent coffee - but I didn’t expect to feel a sense of community that transcended age, stage, and area of expertise.

I had the privilege of listening to CEOs and founders, entrepreneurs and app developers, podcasters and published authors. Speakers ranged from those representing large organizations like JP Morgan Chase and Adweek, to those who have built their own brands from the ground up.What struck me most was that each speaker owned exactly who they are, what they knew, and what they didn’t. The degree of authenticity and humility upheld throughout the conference had me buzzing with energy by the time it came to a close.

The buzz I felt from being around people owning their truths affirmed my choice to own mine, both professionally and personally. I am a writer, a content strategist, a thought leader…an athlete and a health nut. The latter two can be challenging to prioritize when traveling, let alone when sharing a house with eight other women. Being open and confident about my lifestyle and choices at the conference was liberating, and I was surprised to be met with positivity and support instead of the usual lack of understanding I am so used to receiving in similar situations. The experience was incredibly refreshing.

The combination of industry knowledge, community, authenticity and acceptance I felt at the Women in Digital National Conference is aligned to the organization itself. Women in Digital fosters a unique sense of professional development and comradery that I am proud to be a part of. To learn more, visit

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