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Using Data to Become Customer Centric

Since 2001, the Digital Summit Series has been bringing together thousands of digital marketing professionals across the country. Last month, the Series came to Detroit, where industry leaders discussed content, email, mobile, digital strategy and more.

A common theme surfaced across these discussions: becoming customer centric. Below are a few guidelines to help maintain focus on the customer within the (often noisy) digital space.

Know your customers.

Leverage data to understand them subjectively and take interest in who they trust throughout the customer journey.

Prioritize action.

Define touchpoints in the customer journey and listen for what matters across all channels, not in silos, to take action accordingly. Focus on adaptive and responsive features, and think mobile first.

Get personal.

Personalization should just feel like a great experience. It’s best when it’s not noticeable. Start small and pick high impact areas that will resonate strongly with your customers.

The key take away is this – no matter your industry, becoming customer centric in the digital era hinges on the ability to break down customer behaviors to what’s measurable, and determine actions based on that data. Creating and maintaining a positive customer experience is paramount, and the more you can understand your customers, the better their experience will be.

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