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The Integration of Individual and Industry

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the worlds of traditional marketing, advertising and social media are coalescing. Today's integrated digital strategies are in constant flux as boundaries between individual and industry become increasingly blurred.

Some might say this is a bad thing, but if done strategically, companies can use the transformation to their advantage by embracing consumers who have gone from passive purchasers to active aficionados, ambassadors, and influencers in the marketplace.

Most consumers don't want to be treated like a passive purchaser because they aren't one. They want to be talked to by brands in a way that makes them feel known, understood and valued. Companies that capitalize on this concept by crafting content that resonates with their audience will come out on top, keeping in mind that timing and channel choices are just as important as the content itself.

In his book Engage!, Brian Solis discusses the relationship between the "Four Ps" of Marketing (Product, Price, Place and Promotion) and the “Four Cs,” which champion the consumer’s individual wants and needs. Product becomes Commodity, Price becomes Cost, Place is Channel or Convenience, and Promotion turns into - my favorite - Communication.

As Solis points out, connecting with an audience is all about bringing information and solutions to people where they are. Focusing on integrated digital strategies can help companies meet consumers there, connect with them in a way that resonates and continue to strengthen the blurry relationship between individual and industry.

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